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My own castle

I've been staying at a chateau in France for a couple of days and I have to say that it's awesome! I felt that I needed a real vacation and saw this place on the internet and it looked beautiful, so I decided to go here for a week. I have my own castle and it's huge and I can to whatever I want! It wasn't so expensive either which s really good, so I think I'm going to visit this place again in the future when I have the time. Maybe in the summer, right now it's winter ...

blocked drains

I remember being single and having blocked drains. Not a great thing. One Saturday night I got a blockage under my bathroom floor while cleaning the bathtub drains. Obviously a clot with hair or something got stuck somewhere in the drains. I was standing in water, wondering what to do and who I could call on a Saturday night. Then I remembered something that I had learned earlier at my job at a youth hostel. I found a plug, pulled it and stuck the hose in there and started flushing the drains with water. First nothing happened but suddenly something ...

Better signal on the phone

I've recently seen that you can buy a 4g antenna to make the signal on your phone better. I think that very many recognise it when you're sitting in the train and the signal is very bad and you can't do anything. But with this antenna the signal will get better. The antenna catches up the signal and makes it stronger so that your phone can recieve the signal better. It's a great invention I think. Now I won't have to worry about the signal getting bad on the train.